Cultivating Future Talent: Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2023

Youth empowerment and engagement is collectively recognised by the PropCap team to serve paramount importance in shaping our ESG strategies for a more sustainable future. To foster new generations of talent that are nurtured with innovation and networking opportunities, we proudly participated in Cyberport and Home and Youth Affairs Bureau’s Youth Start-up Internship Programme 2023‘, playing a small but meaningful role.

Ms Cherry Choi and Mr Louis Lee’s interview

Working as an intern at PropCap has been a fulfilling experience. I have had the opportunity in gaining hands-on exposure to various departments and the privilege to travel to Shanghai, playing a vital role in promoting cross-border mortgage matching services. This have been a very extraordinary experience for me, especially in broadening my horizons and gaining experiences in communicating with different people


At PropCap, our collaboration with this initiative has not only provided interns with valuable on-the-job training across diverse departments but has also been an immensely rewarding journey for us alongside Cherry. We firmly believe that the youth hold the key to our future success, bringing fresh perspectives that inspire creative approaches to industries. 

Our intention to empower young talent remains steadfast. We aim to not only provide them with mentorship opportunities but simultaneously enrich our company by fostering a culture of continuous growth and innovation. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our continued participation in this programme for the upcoming year of 2024!

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us on our journey of empowerment. Witness the possibilities that unfold when young talent collaborates with industry expertise. Explore the transformative potential of our mortgage match-lending platform and join us in building a better and more sustainable future together.

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