Asian Financial Forum 2024: PropCap On Stage

It was with great honour for PropCap to receive an invitation to the 17th Asian Financial Forum, presenting us with the greatest opportunity to connect with fellow businesses and financial elites. We took great pride in sharing our pioneering business model that simultaneously encapsulated our values for sustainability. 

From envisioning the rapid growth of the mortgage match-lending landscape in Asia, we are delighted to announce our latest venture—a platform development that empowers you to seamlessly complete the entire deal through a single channel.

As revealed at the InnoVenture salon, our platform anticipates three key stages. In the initial stage, we employ digitised personal assessments to swiftly analyse users’ backgrounds and verify their identities, expediting the approval process. Stage two encompasses users to be one-click away from selecting the most suitable mortgage deals, backed by A.I. for effective risk management. With funders and borrowers matched and connected, real-time updates will keep users informed on their application, disbursement, and repayment process.

While PropCap is anticipating the launch of stage two in the coming months, we are eagerly looking forward to the future of this comprehensive and inclusive platform.

More about our platform’s development journey

PropCap’s continuous endeavour to create a streamlined and efficient platform to match overseas property buyers with investors do not waver our commitment to sustainability. Our development of the Green Mortgage provides a method to integrate property deals with low-carbon initiatives. By actively providing favourable interest rates for environmentally conscious investments, we incentivise our customers to engage with eco-friendly practices. It is ingrained within PropCap to deliver a sustainable future to generations onward.

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