「Upholding Sustainable Development at the Startup Stage」

Amidst global attention to sustainability, PropCap is well aware that companies of all scales have an impact on the economy, environment, and society. Even in our startup phase, we are actively working to develop and implement our vision and commitment to sustainable development, showcasing to stakeholders our confidence in PropCap’s long-term prospects.

As we expand our business operations, we consider critical factors such as Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance. Our goal is to lead the way in the FinTech and Mortgage Lending industries, becoming a company that can make a positive impact on the environment and also society.

PropCap ESG Report 2023

ProCap records each of the topics that we are concerned about and actively practice in the ESG issues. This allows us to effectively enhance our ESG performance.

Our Core ESG Topics

To drive long-term success, the following topics have become our primary focus at this stage.

Comply with
Law & Regulation

Our business involves cross-border financing, adhering to international standards related to the laws and regulations of different countries, as well as AML and CTF. We continually monitor and review regulations to ensure that our operations remain within the compliance framework.

Customer Privacy &
Data Security

For the protection of customer privacy and security, we have a responsibility to comply with stringent data protection laws, emphasize employee ethics, and promote data protection awareness. Through ongoing risk assessments, encrypted operations, regular security audits, and providing relevant training to our staff, we mitigate potential risks. We ensure secure cross-border data transfers with customer consent and prevent unauthorized access.

Green Financing

We encourage overseas property purchasers to consider local energy efficiency standards when choosing a property. This promotes the flow of funds into low-carbon and green property projects. We are committed to innovatively creating green financial opportunities, raising awareness among investors about environmental protection, and jointly building a better community environment.

Youth Empowerment

We understand the most concerning social issues that our colleagues deem through the internal survey. Youth Development is one of the topics we place great importance on. We actively organise sharing events and provide internship opportunities.