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With global warming intensifying, and the Paris Agreement calling for a 1.5°C limit on temperature rise, PropCap is committed to environmental and sustainability causes. We provide solutions for environmental protection and sustainable urban development, with a focus on green overseas properties and mortgages.

PropCap encourages overseas property buyers to take energy efficiency into account when choosing a property. In hopes of encouraging the flow of capital to low-carbon and green building projects, thereby making a contribution in conserving the environment.

Interest Rate Incentives

PropCap offers preferential interest rates for overseas properties that qualify for energy efficiency standards. Providing borrowers with capital for investing in sustainable finance projects that contribute to the global goal of carbon neutrality.

How to Join?

Mortgage Funder

Partaking in Green Mortgage Deals with the intention to generate positive environmental impact and sustainable development alongside a financial return.

Let’s take up the role of a Green Investor, and work towards achieving carbon neutrality.


Apply for a new overseas property mortgage with the required energy efficiency certificate in the PropCap platform can enjoy preferential interest rates.


Properties with A to C rankings on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


Properties scoring a 4-Star or above rating on the Building Energy-Efficiency Labelling System (BELS)

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