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PropCap – Asia’s first overseas property mortgage matching platform. With us, you can enroll as the funder in our platform, where you will have selection among multiple loanable properties and choose to “lend a hand” to finance the one that best suits you.

Our platform provides smart matching recommendations for overall risk management by evaluating various factors, such as property’s market price, rent yield, and borrower credit score, using big data and A.I.

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Big Data and A.I. analyze property profiles and borrower's credit scores. With the technology, we suggest the best lending plans based on your pre-set preferences.

Risk Management

Autheticated customer authentication procedures (KYC) to verify borrowers and examine their capability of repayment. Inspection of property's value and risk assessment conducted by local professional surveyors.

Overseas Property Collateral

Every loan is secured by a real property. Set your own loan ratio and adjust the potential risk.

Lower Investment Risk

Reduced portfolio risk by possessing minimal relevance with other securities investments, such as stocks and fixed-income securities.

Mortgage Deals Features
Diversified Options Available

We recommend the optimal lending plans depends on your selections

We offer various regions and countries, including London, Birmingham, Manchester in UK, and Tokyo, Osaka in Japan.  

To set the loan amount, our platform suggests plans based on your demand. 

Interest rate starts from 5%. Set your own acceptable minimum interest rate. We will provide recommendations with appropriate or higher interest rate yield based on your setting. 

Choose your currency in GBP, JPY, USD, or HKD for lending and returns.

Case Sharing

Osaka|JPY 10M|6.5% p.a.


Highly recommend becoming a PropCap’s Mortgage Funder!
We love to invest in real estate, yet there is still lots of work to materialize the passive income from the rental. PropCap seems a good idea for a better option.

Steven, Manufacturer owner

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Manchester (A)|GBP 200K|7% p.a.

Manchester (A)

I am satisfied with the whole service!
I usually invest in various items and realized being a Mortgage Funder seems to have lower risk among different investment products. Moreover, the stable return on interest was very favourable for me. 


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Manchester (B)|HKD 15M|6.5% p.a.

Manchester (B)

I chose to be PropCap’s Mortgage Funder because of two main reasons: Interest rate is attractive, which is higher than the yields in the market; Another thing is it’s Secure, there is a property as security to the fund. This is a good way to manage the risk.

Annie, Family office

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