Funder Q&A

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Funder Q&A

It is not a fund. Propcap doesn’t hold your money.

Yes, you can specify your lending currency. A potential deal will not be shown to you if the currency doesn’t match your preference.

Yes, the funder chooses its own lending deal.

No, all lending transactions are one funder finances to one borrower.

PropCapProcap application form
Address proof (Utility bill, credit card statement, bank statement)
Source of funds (bank statement)
Source of wealth

1. The lender writes to the borrower to demand payment of arrears.
2. If the borrower failed to repay, we shall send a pre-action letter to the borrower and demand payment in 2 weeks.
3. After 2 weeks, we shall issue a claim form and start court action against the borrower and apply for a court procession order.
4. The borrower has a time frame to file a defence or settle the payment.
5. If no payment is received or the borrower did not file a defence, we shall apply to the court for a hearing date.
6. We shall instruct a barrister to attend the hearing.
7. If the judge granted a procession order, the borrower must vacate the property and hand over the keys to you.
8. If not, we shall instruct a bailiff to re-possess the property.