Japan Property
Mortgage Plan

The complexity of the Japanese mortgage requirements and procedures forces most investors to pay fully in cash, and existing homeowners find it difficult to refinance.

PropCap understands the challenges for overseas investors, and we aim to provide new mortgage and refinancing plans for their Japanese property purchases.

1st Charge Mortgage


Japan "Interest-Only"
Mortgage Plan

This mortgage plan offers by PropCap

Property Region(S)

Osaka Kansai

Property Type(S)

Commercial-premises Offices

Loan Amount Requirement

¥10,000,000 or above

Building Ages

New construction
(*Building aged 30 years or above will be considered)

“Interest-Only” Mortgage Plan Features

The purpose of the plan is to assist overseas property buyers in resolving their financing needs in a short period of time.

After the plan is completed, we can assist with referrals to appropriate overseas banks or applying for an extension of the loan term.


Green Mortgage
Interest Rate Incentives

To support sustainable development, PropCap encourages overseas property buyers to take energy efficiency into account when choosing a property. In hopes of encouraging the flow of capital to low-carbon and green building projects, thereby making a contribution in conserving the environment.

Japan properties can enjoy preferential interest rates with scoring a 4-Star or above rating on the Building Energy-Efficiency Labelling System (BELS).

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