Borrower Q&A

Most frequent questions and answers

We currently accept U.K. Buy-to-Let property and Japan property. We will expand to Australia and Canada property.

U.K. Buy-to-Let Mortgage: Due to regulation, we don’t lend to U.K. residents.

Japan Mortgage: It can be offered to persons of any nationality.

The loan amount is up to 75% of the valuation amount or purchase price whatever it is lower for new purchase.

For refinance units, we can finance up to 75% of the valuation amount.

A suggested lending rate by AI is based on the property conditions, borrower’s credit risk and social and market factors, etc.

Yes. In general, the lending rate is determined by borrower’s risk, lower LTV implies lower risk, lower lending rate should be achieved.

We accept applications from those who do not have a fixed income prove. Our A.I. model and machine learning screening mechanism considers various factors including but no limit to personal, income, social and market factors.

The borrower has to use Propcap’s designated surveyor to do valuation.

No, we currently only take 1st charge security.

Borrower, regardless a corporation or individual, requires personal guarantee on all transactions.

No, it is a Recourse Loan. Every transaction is secured by borrower’s personal guarantee and secured assets.

Building insurance relating to the secured asset is required to complete the transaction. You may check with developer or building management company.

There is no cooling-off period after the loan agreement is signed. Drawdown notice is the final notice to notify the mortgage funder the loan drawdown date.

In order to match the your financial plan, we accept early repayment without additional charges.

If the borrower failed to repay, we have the right to deal with the collateral.

According to the law, the lender can force the sale of the property through a private treaty or auction without a court order. The procedure is generally 3 to 6 months.