Personal Data Privacy Policy

The Company will comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486, Laws of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance”).


Information Collection

The Company will collect your data when you interact with us. We may store your data locally, overseas or in the cloud. We will keep your data safe in accordance with Laws of Hong Kong. We will use your data to send you direct marketing if you have consented to it.
We may use the personal data collected for the purpose set out in the Personal Information Collection Statement (see below). The use and disclosure of personal data and your right to access or correct your personal data held by the Company are also set out in the Personal Information Collection Statement (see below).
We will take practical steps to ensure that your personal data will not be kept longer than necessary and that we will comply with all regulatory requirements in Hong Kong about the retention of personal data.


Use of Cookies

When you visit the Company website, communicating with chatbox, cookies may be placed on your device. Cookies may also be placed by third parties on behalf of the Company. No personal contact information of you is collected or shared by third parties with the Company as a result of the use of cookies.

If you do not what to be tracked by the use of cookies, you can choose to ‘not accept’ cookies by changing the settings on your web browser. However, if you block all cookies, including strictly necessary cookies, some functions on the website may not be functioning properly.

This policy also forms part of the Terms and Conditions of the Company website.


Personal Information Collection Statement

This Statement applies to the Company and its group companies (“the Group”) and all visitors and prospective and existing customers (“you”) of the Group.
You agree that all personal information relating to you collected by the Group from this website from time to time may be used and disclosed if necessary according to the Group’s current Personal Data Privacy Policy.

Purpose of Collection

The Group can collect, use and transfer personal information for any and all of the following purposes:

  1. processing your application and other related services or products;
  2. facilitating payment arrangements or instructions;
  3. conducting identity and/or credit checks and/or debt collection;
  4. compilation of statistics and research analysis;
  5. communication with customers and prospective customers of the Group or Related Parties;
  6. compliance with any disclosure requirements required by law and regulation; 
  7. any other purposes as notified to you at the time of collection; and
  8. conduct marketing and/or direct marketing activities of any other related services or products relating to us and/or Related Parties, subject to applicable laws;
  9. improving and furthering the provision of services by entities of the Group, subject to applicable laws;
  10. fulfilling any other purposes relations to the above-mentioned purposes.

Use of Personal Data

Subject to all relevant laws and the terms herein, in respect of Direct Marketing (as defined in “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance” and/or any amendments thereof), the following provisions apply:

  • the Group intends to use and/or transfer your personal data to members of the Group, its business partners, Related Parties, and affiliates for Direct Marketing purposes pursuant to the terms herein for gain to pursue business cooperation or opportunities concerning financial, insurance, mandatory provident and related wealth management products or services;
  • the Group will not use your personal data for direct marketing purposes unless we have received your consent (which includes an indication of no objection);
  • the Group may use any of the following personal data for marketing products or services offered by the Group or its business partners: 
    • your name, your residential address, your mobile number, your residential phone number and your email address
    • your personal data will be used for marketing and direct marketing of any of the Group’s products or services via all means of transmission.


You may inform Propcap if you wish to opt-out of our use of your personal data for any of the Direct Marketing purposes or if you wish to opt-out of any kinds or means of transmission regarding Direct Marketing. 

Data Protection Officer
Propcap Technologies Limited
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1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong
Email: [email protected] 


Updated as of April 2022