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Big Data | A.I. Analytics

PropCap provides digital valuation of overseas property. We deploy big data and A.I to measure historical as well as realtime property transactions, and generate the market-to-date value of the target property. Our specialists will guide you through the report details, and ensure you understand the data thoroughly.

Valuation report is available for second-hand properties across the U.K. and Japan.

Overseas Property Valuation Report


Our reports covers properties in U.K. and Japan, and provide effective insight about the local property market situation.

Types of Property

Applicable for a wide range of property types, which can satisfy the demand of overseas property buyers.

Professional advice

In order to have a sufficient budget ready for buyers, we provide professional advices on the feasibility of mortgage application.


Properties Data Analysis
For All U.K. Cities
Reports available in both Basic and Advanced version. 

Types of property


Property Data Analysis & Property Information 
For All Japan Cities
Advanced Report version available

Types of Property

🇬🇧 UK Property Valuation Report

For 1 properties|16 data insight
*Only available for second-hand properties
HKD $ 190
  • U.K. Only
  • Property Price Valuation
  • Property Rent Valuation
  • Comparison with Similar Properties
    ・Asking Prices
    ・Sold Prices
  • Yields
  • 5 yrs Property Growth
  • Sales & Rental Record
  • Demographics
  • Construction Planning
  • Crime Rate
  • Schools

🇯🇵 JP Property Valuation Report

For 1 property|7 data insight
*Only available for second-hand properties
HKD $ 190
  • Japan Only
  • Property Price Valuation
  • Sold Prices Comparison
    ・No. bed(s)
  • 2 yrs Property Growth
  • Sale Period
  • Detailed Pictures of Similar Properties
  • Comparison with Similar Properties
    ・Sold Prices
    ・Size Prices (sqft)
    ・Sale Period

Only 4 Steps

Preview First, and Pay later
Step 1

Prepare the property information

  1. Address
  2. Postcode – for U.K.
  3. Property Type
  4. No. of Room(s)
  5. Property Size (sqft)
Step 2

Apply for the Report

Submit the property and contract information for assessment. 

Step 3

Confirm Payment Method through WhatsApp

PropCap will contact you through WhatsApp to confirm whether the application is eligible. The official property valuation report will be provided after the payment is settled. 

Step 4

Deliver the Report

After a successful payment, the report will be sent within 24 hours through WhatsApp.