Ready to open an Overseas Account?

PropCap is unwavering in its commitment to unravelling the financial complexities related to overseas properties for our clients.

Effortlessly apply for the HSBC Expat bank account online through the button below. Overseas property buyers are able to manage foreign currency transactions and oversee offshore funds seamlessly.

Why choose HSBC Expat Bank Account?

Multi-currency accounts

Current accounts available in GBP, USD and EUR. You can also choose to open additional savings accounts in up to 19 currencies, included HKD and AUD.

Free global transfers

No monthly fees and free transfers between HSBC accounts.

Exclusive FX rate

Manage foreign currencies and enjoy exclusive rates with our mobile FX services.

Eligibility for HSBC Expat bank account

Find out if you’re eligible and apply online for the HSBC Expat bank account now.