TADS Awards 2023: Rising Star in Tokenisation

We are ecstatic to share that PropCap has been honoured with the prestigious “Rising Star” in the “Best of Class TADS” category at the TADS (Tokenised Assets & Digitised Securities Awards). This is an incredible affirmation of our journey in innovating the mortgage industry with tokenization, and we will continue to be restless in driving forward a new era of efficiency and flexibility for our clients. 

Winners of the 4th Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities Awards, TADS AWARDS 2023 Announced

Reaching to be at the forefront of mortgage innovation, we utilise cutting-edge Web 3 technologies to tokenize real-world assets, revolutionising traditional mortgage transactions. Combined with our extensive expertise in risk assessment strategies, this powerful synergy not only streamlines the mortgage process but also opens up a world of ever-growing opportunities for investors in the realms of fintech.

With PropCap, the tokenization of real-world assets unlocks a host of benefits. Investors can now access previously untapped liquidity, enabling them to seize emerging opportunities with ease. Presenting our data analytics with simplicity and accessibility, provides our investors with comprehensive details of their mortgage deal, yet minimising risks and optimising returns.

As a match-lending platform, we are committed in fulfilling our responsibility of providing exceptional benefits to our valued overseas property buyers. Tokenization holds the potential to democratise the mortgage market with increased investors, empowering a wider range of overseas property buyers to secure their mortgages. 

At our core, we believe that by harnessing the power of tokenization, we can create a mortgage ecosystem that not only benefits investors but also fosters a thriving and inclusive housing market. With the recognition given to PropCap today, we we will be actively working towards tokenizing our mortgages, aiming to revolutionise the accessibility of mortgage financing.

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