It was a privilege for PropCap, to be recognised and interviewed by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It was an invaluable platform for us to communicate our vision, showcase our approach to overseas property mortgage solutions, and demonstrate our commitment to driving positive change in the industry. We are grateful for the chance to contribute to the dialogue on advancing the mortgage landscape in Hong Kong and beyond.

“Seizing the opportunity presented by Hong Kong’s status as an international capital centre, we positioned ourselves to play a crucial role in connecting borrowers with the necessary funding”

Christine Kwan, Assistant Marketing Manager at PropCap

At PropCap, we identified the burgeoning local demand for properties across the globe. Nevertheless, we also witnessed the formidable challenges associated with navigating unfamiliar legal, regulatory, and financial systems, compounded by the unforeseen impact of the pandemic. The resulting tightening of credit by lenders for overseas buyers further complicated the investment journey, particularly for those seeking geographic diversity in their portfolios.

Seeking solutions to this matter, PropCap urged the development of an efficient matching platform for borrowers with mortgage funders. Revolutionising the efficiency of the lending industry through digitalization, it enabled our overseas property buyers to seek more flexible mortgage plans at loan drawdowns four times more quickly than the traditional process, whilst investors simultaneously received justified returns. 

There have been incredible milestones after milestones since PropCap’s commitment to streamlining the process for investors and property buyers. The team has since also designated further initiatives to enhance PropCap’s impact on the mortgage industry, including the endeavour to merge sustainability with products – Green Mortgage delivered and the uptake of Web3 technologies for tokenization. 

Moving forward, PropCap will continue the relentless innovation and provision of the best mortgage solutions to all. 

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