PropCap New Move in Japan

One step closer to set up an office in Japan. PropCap is glad to be supported by and learn from Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and Mitsubishi Estate. Our team have visited them earlier, and discussed the challenges and opportunities of business environment in Japan.

TMG is the government organization to provide Tokyo information and also help foreign companies to develop the business in Japan. TMG expressed their appreciation for PropCap’s Japan move and office opening in Tokyo. As covid has stopped foreigners visit Japan for business, TMG will step up to create more business opportunities to foreign companies by setting up matching events between local companies.

Mitsibhishi Estate shared their positive feedback regarding PropCap’ business model and the sizable potential market, especially towards our product – a loan of multiplies countries, with multi countries borrower, and multi-currency.

For more information about Japan Mortgage or business co-operation, please contact us.
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